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Marmann, McCrary practice areas including their top down approach
Marmann, McCrary Practice Areas
Financial AuditsFinancial Audits
Accounting ServicesAccounting Services
Mergers & AcquisitionsMergers &
Forensic Accounting / Litigation SupportForensic
Litigation Support
Tax ServicesTax Services
Internal Audit ServicesInternal Audit
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance ServicesSarbanes-Oxley
Compliance Services
Broker/Dealer ServicesBroker/ Dealer
Financial InstitutionsFinancial Institutions
Governmental AccountingGovernmental
Other ServicesOther Services


Marmann & Associates specializes in many practice areas found in much larger accounting firms and our experience and expertise exceeds many. We are client-focused and provide accounting services and consulting to both public companies and private firms.

Financial Audits

Marmann, McCrary is a member of Center for Public Company Audit FirmsOur approach to financial audits is to render an independent opinion on the corporate financial statements. We also use the audit as an opportunity to uncover potential improvements in company performance. Our auditing services are tailored to meet the needs of each client and the current situation. Our reports meet the highest standards required by the AICPA and the SEC. When you trust Marmann & Associates to assist you with your audit services, you can be certain that our best-practice services are complete, accurate and the results comply with all applicable standards.

Accounting Services

Marmann & Associates clients consider our accounting services to be critical to the profitability of their company. We provide outsourced accounting functions, cash flow projections, compiled financial statements, and accounting personnel training. Our services are designed to identify the changes needed to better manage costs and assets and improve company financial results for our clients.

When we review financial data for publicly and closely held companies, we seek potential sources of opportunity for our clients by analyzing recent performance. To help clients take advantage of these opportunities, we construct budgets, predict cash flows and recommend effective strategies to improve financial results. Our financial statements and reports meet the highest standards and are an indispensable management tool for generating continuously improving return.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Marmann & Associates has extensive experience in business valuation and the mergers and acquisition process. We represent companies in a broad range of industries and business classes.

On the seller's side, we:

  • Determine the fair market value of a business being sold and develop quality exit strategies
  • Prepare confidential sales materials for use with potential buyers
  • Assist with negotiations and finalization of the terms of the sale
  • Construct tax advantages associated with the transaction

On the buyer's side, we:

  • Conduct targeted research for strategic buyers
  • Identify acquisition candidates that meet buyers qualifications and are a good strategic and cultural fit
  • Assist with structuring and negotiation of the sale
  • Seek tax advantages during the purchase

Marmann & Associates can assist with the complexities of an M & A transaction. We serve as your advocate to make certain that your portion of the transaction produces the financial gains you expect.

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Forensic Accounting/Litigation Support

Marmann & Associates professionals have extensive experience in forensic accounting and litigation support. We provide assistance to attorneys as well as offer forensic and investigative accounting services including:

  • Damage Quantification
  • Fraud Detection
  • White Collar Crime
  • Personal Injury
  • Insurance Claims
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Due Diligence

Our forensic accounting professionals can be instrumental in determining the business or financial impact of questionable employee activity and its value. Was there fraud? What is the real cost of the damage? What is the fair value of the assets?

Our professionals address such areas as exaggerated claims, inventory/property claims, business income and loss, loss of income claims and other likely value propositions in litigation and forensic services.

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Tax Services

Marmann & Associates offers a comprehensive suite of tax services for businesses and their owners. Our decades of tax experience give us an understanding of the tax consequences of almost any transaction or circumstance. We provide tax services with a reputation for excellence:

  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Payroll services
  • Forming a business
  • Executive compensation
  • Financial institution taxation
  • Tax audit representation

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Internal Audit Services

Marmann & Associates professionals bring a wealth of technical expertise to the process of evaluating organizational risk and control. For smaller companies we provide the complete internal audit function. Our professionals assist companies with high quality internal audit functions at a much lower cost than a company can accomplish on its own. We do risk assessments and review the effectiveness of your system of internal controls. Our professional services help management govern the corporation effectively and are designed to meet a client's individual needs in an increasingly complex business environment.

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Sarbanes - Oxley Compliance Services

Marmann, McCrary is registered and approved by the PCAOBMarmann & Associates, as one of the 598 firms registered and approved by the PCAOB, demonstrates a professional commitment to a quality understanding of the intricate requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. We developed an excellent compliance program for small and medium sized public companies that addresses the practical problems listed companies face as they adhere to these requirements.

The certifications required by CEOs and CFOs create a challenge to ensure that financial reporting is accurate and fully disclosed. Also, evaluating and reporting on disclosure controls and internal controls represents a significant challenge to small and medium sized companies. Our approach is to:

  1. Perform an initial risk assessment of the company
  2. Review the disclosure and internal controls
  3. Do compliance testing of these controls
  4. With our software partner design a process for on-going compliance
  5. Implement a process for reporting to the audit committee and management

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Broker / Dealer Services

Marmann & Associates offers a variety of services to individuals and firms buying and selling securities for themselves and others. Increasing investor and public scrutiny makes it necessary to use financial communications to retain the trust of important audiences.

It makes good business sense for brokers and dealers to create transparency through sound auditing practices and development of quality management controls. Marmann & Associates can assist with the implementation of best practices reporting to enhance and protect the reputation of your firm and give your clients a renewed sense of confidence in the management of your firm's assets.

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Financial Institutions

Our team has years of experience in providing high quality services to commercial and mortgage lenders. Our expertise in the financial services industry is superior, matching firms much larger. Our long-term experience gives us a striking competitive edge. We leverage this advantage into an understanding of the institution that allows us to offer insightful advice to improve efficiency, profitability and reduced risks.

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Governmental Accounting

Marmann & Associates offers many services to state and local governments, utilities and bonding authorities. We assist government entities with full accurate disclosure of public financial information to voters, constituency groups and stakeholders.

Our municipal clients use our expertise in internal control evaluations, budgeting and all aspects of public entity financial reporting and issues arising from the expenditure of public funds. We have also developed leading edge services to address corporate governance challenges facing public institutions and not-for-profit entities.

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Other Services

  • Thrift Conversion
  • Holding Company Formation
  • Directors' Examinations

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